Get Active

You have had enough of the grievances?
Do you want to make something about the unfairness?
No matter if you are an individual, an action group or working group or a small or big organisation, we are looking forward to you becoming involved!

Help collect signatures to reach the campaign aim of 100,000!

By signing the petition, you can express your disagreement with current purchasing practices in the chocolate industry and make a statement against the exploitation of cocoa farmers. Help collect signatures - how to do it?

  • online petition – share the link with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email!
  • printed petition – print the petition and collect signatures among your friends and networks or organize a public event or information booth where you can collect!

Take part in events

The campaign offers a variety of possibilities where you can get active and take part. Promote and organise activities in your own town or region within the planned MCF! events. Opportunities to become involved for example are:

  • European Chocolate Actions Days in 2013-2014
  • the ChocoMobile-Tour across Europe in 2014
  • photo stunts at public events

Ask your respective campaign partner or associated organisation in your country for more information how to get involved.

Become multipliers of the campaign and organize your events!

Are you are a group of friends, students, a FairtradeTown or School steering group? Would you like to join and promote the campaign? Spread the word about MCF! and carry out activities in your region! Organize a screening, public debate or have an information/ fair trade stall at your city´s / regional events (festivals, farmer´s markets etc.).

  • see planned events for the years 2013-2014
  • spread materials in your networks and reach out to people that are not directly reached by the partners and associates

Please contact the respective campaign partner or associate who will provide you with materials, know-how and support.

Spread the message!

Active individuals, groups and organisations create the spirit of the camapaign. You raise awareness on the global injustice in the cocoa business and spread the message Make Chocolate Fair! The campaign is looking forward to everybody who becomes involved. You can simply

  • inform others about Make Chocolate Fair! and spread Campaign material in your networks
  • link to our campaign website with the MCF!-Banner
  • announce forthcoming events in your Social Media channels
  • try to attain media attention to the topic and the campaign
  • write an article about issues of the campaign
  • join campaing activities in your town
  • hold workshops on the topic
  • and much more...