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Download the petition with further information on the MCF! demands on the backside.





Download the factsheet on cocoa and chocolate industry to get more in-depth views of the issues (cocoa cultivation, chocolate industry, labour exploitation including child labour etc.). Contact the respective partner to obtain the paper version of the factsheet in German, Czech or Estonian.




Further sources

Since our website is not exhaustive, we offer the following links for those who are keen on learning more about each issue or follow other similar campaigns.

Organisations and coalitions that work on cocoa issues

Südwind-Institut –
Stop the Traffik –
10Camapaign -

More On Cocoa

Cocoa Barometer –
International Cocoa Organisation –
World Cocoa Foundation –
Global Cocoa Project – –

More On Child Labour

International Labour Organisation – International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) –
International Labor Rights Forum –

More On Independent Certification Bodies

Fairtrade International –
Rainforest Alliance –
UTZ Certified –
Global Exchange – Cocoa resources -

More On Food Companies

Oxfam International –


BBC: Chocolate The Bitter Truth

Miki Mistrati: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Radio interviews are available in the respective countries.